Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Alger House

We traveled to Missouri to visit my parents for Thanksgiving this year.  The trip is definitely getting harder, and more expensive -- but SO worth it to see family and have our kids connect with their cousins.  We got to meet my brother, Andrew's, girlfriend and see his daughter which was great too.  Love every chance we get to be together!

The Kids Table

 The Adults
 We always have to fit in a night at our favorite pizza restaurant, Shakespeare's

 The guys all got tickets to see MU beat Texas A&M for the SEC East title! It was freezing, so most of the ladies went to The Book Thief. 

In the cousin gift exchange, Rex scored Poo-Dough.  He (and his Dad) had quite a few laughs over this disgusting toy!

One of the coolest things was that my Mom saved one last jug of apple cider from my Grandpa's orchard.  It is the best apple cider I've ever had!  We all had a little bit and had a chance to toast to my Grandpa's memory.

When my mom and her siblings were cleaning out my Grandpa's house, they found silver coins hidden in a large can of beans.  Each grandchild was given a silver coin to remember him.

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